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The Team

Siti Farhana





Sr. Research Assistant

Syed Mohamad Syakir

Sr. Technician

Cluster of Excellence in Advanced Biopolymer

Cluster of Excellence in Advanced Biopolymer industrial research & service activities focus on synthetic and natural based polymer processing.

We offer services on :
1. Contract research on related product processing
2. Freeze dryer (low temperature drying for composition preservation)
3. Lab scale chemical reactor

Chitosan based sponge wound dressing and in-house produced carbon fiber are among the excellent products of our cluster. Our sponge wound dressing has passed the clinical stage and ready for commercialization while the lightweight, high tensile and temperature tolerance carbon fiber is tailored for mobility and wellness product application as well as moving forward to cater industrial demand.

This group also offers characterization and testing of polymers such as :
1. Gel Permeation Chromatography (determination of polymer molecular weight)
2. Stability test (determination of product & packaging shelf life)
3. Leak detector (determination of packaging seal integrity)
4. UV-vis spectrometer (detection of substance purity, conjugation, unknown compound etc.)
5. Differential Scanning Calorimeter in O2 and N2 mode (determination of melting temperature)

Microstructure of porous polymer scaffold Chitosan based sponge wound dressing Lab scale chemical reactor Carbon fiber pilot plant